The Marin Poetry Center Anthology is published annually.
Current and previous anthologies are available for purchase.
Current anthology: $15.00.
All previous anthologies: (1998 through last year): $5.00.
To Order:
Mail check to Marin Poetry Center, PO Box 9091, San Rafael, CA 94912.
Shipping and Handling: $3.50 for first book, $1.50 for each additional book.
Remember to indicate which volumes(s) and how many of each you'd like.
Submission Guidelines
Submission Period:
Jan 1 - Mar 1.
You must be a current member of Marin Poetry Center to submit. Visit www.marinpoetrycenter.org/join.php to join/renew online or to download a mail-in membership form.
(You can also request this form by writing to the MPC mailing address above; please include an SASE.)
Basic Guidelines:
  1. The theme for the 2017 anthology is GETTING THE NEWS
    We're looking for vivid, well-crafted poems on a broad interpretation of the theme: Not just getting "The News" but getting news of any kind: about anything, any time or anywhere, of any size or scale, sent or received by anyone or anything, via any medium. Whatever the source of the news: we receive, we interpret, we respond or react. Give us fresh images, new music, striking leaps, surprising points of view. Free verse, formal poems, and prose poems in any style are welcome. Inspire us! (Note: Since the theme "Getting the News" may be interpreted in myriad ways, poems on other topics will NOT be considered for this issue.)

    For more information on the theme as well as complete submission guidelines, download a pdf here .
  2. Submit up to three poems on a maximum of six pages. Each poem no more than 65 lines, including title, epigraph (if any), line breaks, and any other elements (such as footnotes) to be included as part of the poem.
    IMPORTANT: Do not put your name or contact info on any of the poems.
    Both unpublished and previously published poems will be considered. If a poem has been published before, below the poem please include a credit line stating where it first appeared.
    Simultaneous submissions are permitted. Please notify us immediately at anthology@marinpoetrycenter.org if any of your poems is accepted elsewhere.
    NO revisions will be permitted after you've made your submission.
    We will notify you of our decision about your work about three months after the submission period ends.
  3. We no longer accept email submissions. Instead, we now use the online system Submittable.* This system makes submitting easy, gives our editors secure access to your submission, and emails you a confirmation that your submission has been received.
    When you're ready to submit, please visit our Submittable webpage: marinpoetrycenter.submittable.com. Note: This webpage will not accept MPC anthology submissions until Jan 1. It will then remain open 24/7 for submissions through Mar 1.
    Your free Submittable account will be set up when you make your submission (unless you already have an account). There's no need to create an account beforehand.
    *If you have special circumstances and need to send in a paper submission, please write to us at either the email or the snail mail address below. Include all of your contact info, and use the word "Access" as the subject line of your email or the phrase "Anthology: Access" at the beginning of the MPC address on your snail mail envelope. If using snail mail, please also include an SASE. Do NOT send a submission by snail mail without receiving instructions first!
  4. If you have questions or problems regarding any aspect of MPC anthology submissions, please write to anthology@marinpoetrycenter.org or Anthology, Marin Poetry Center, PO Box 9091, San Rafael, CA 94912.
  5. Click here to read our Code of Ethics.