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Support Poetry, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice

Marin Poetry Center welcomes poets and lovers of poetry from all backgrounds and values diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice. With the collective and individual talents, skills, and perspectives of members, constituent groups, and partners we strive to foster a culture of belonging, collaborative practice, innovation, and mutual respect as we explore, create, and appreciate poetry together.

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Your membership in MPC supports:

  • Readings and workshops by nationally-known poets
  • MPC Summer Traveling Show, where members read at venues throughout the Bay Area
  • Marin Poetry Center Anthology, featuring members only
  • The annual High School Poetry Contest, open to all high school students in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Monthly book group and open workshop

Membership Types & Benefits

We welcome as members all writers and lovers of poetry. Join by paying what you can. All donations are tax-deductible. Marin Poetry Center depends on your membership and tax-deductible contributions to run our events and programs. We thank you for your generous support.

Regular: $35 per year (age 21 to 65)

  • Post a link to your website on ours
  • Eligible to participate in Summer Traveling Show
  • Join our groups and sign up for workshops
  • Eligible to submit to our Anthology
  • Announce your poetry-related event in our newsletter and social media

Senior: $30 per year

  • Same benefits as regular

Student: $10 or any amount per year

  • Same benefits as regular

Pay What You Can: Any amount per year

  • Same benefits as regular

Patron: $100 per year

  • Complimentary copy of the Anthology
  • Same benefits as regular, plus:
  • Your choice of one of these fine letterpress poetry broadsides from hit and run press (see broadsides at
    • Rita Dove (trans): Goethe
    • Forrest Gander, “Son.”
    • Dana Gioia, “Pity the Beautiful.”
    • Edward Hirsch, “Special Orders.”
    • Jane Hirshfield, “Fado.”
    • Marie Howe, “The Boy.”
    • Sharon Olds, “His Stillness.”
    • Mary Ruefle, “Concerning Essential Existence.”
    • Charles Simic, “Cameo Appearance.”
    • Charles Wright, “The Silent Generation.”
    • Dean Young, “Another Lethal Party Favor.”

Supporter: $250 per year

  • Same benefits as patron

Angel: $500 per year

  • Same benefits as patron

You can also send a check with your name, address, phone, email & membership level to:
Marin Poetry Center
P.O. Box 9091
San Rafael, CA 94901

Please direct any questions about joining, renewing, or donating to MPC to

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