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The Marin Poetry Center’s Anthology is published annually and open to all current members.


The Marin Poetry Center Anthology is out! You’re invited to attend the launch party and reading to celebrate the release of this year’s book. Click here for details and to register.

From The Editor

What makes any of us who we are? What masks do we wear when we are with others? What masks do we wear even when we’re alone? Over time, our identity evolves and shifts. In youth, the desire to fit in can overwhelm us, and can erase or hide individuality. As we grow up and age, our identities change to fit and reflect the times, our experiences, our race, gender, and more. Often, we don’t realize how we appear to others, and the discovery of others’ perception of us can be a surprise.

The poets in this year’s anthology tackle these issues and deliver mystery, secrets, and revelation. Beginning with fairy tale and ending with a submission to nature, the poems are like different facets of a prism, each revealing a new perspective on what it means to be oneself, while shining a light where no light was expected to fall.

—Siân Killingsworth

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The 2021 Anthology IDENTITY AND THE SELF is now available for purchase.

Costs: 2021 anthology: $18.00. 2020 Anthology: $5.00.

Please include shipping and handling
: $3.50 for first book, $1.50 for each additional book.

Order the 2021 Anthology Online: Please note $3.50 will be added to your order as postage for the first book, and $1.50 as postage for each additional book.

Alternately, please mail a check to Marin Poetry Center, P.O. Box 9091, San Rafael, CA 94901, and include your name, address, and indicate which year’s issue you would like.

Questions? Please email

The Marin Poetry Center Anthology is published annually. Stay tuned for announcements about the 2022 Anthology in January!

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