Marin Poetry Center

Native Tongues

Native Tongues

Second Place: Native Tongues, by Ashley Sanchez


Third Place: Dementia, by Lily Kun


The Marin Poetry Center’s Anthology is published annually and open to all current members.

Poetry In The High Schools

The Marin Poetry Center sponsors teen-related projects that celebrate the arts and through our High School Poetry Contest.

Poetry Round Table Workshop

Attendees share an original poem-in-progress and receive positive feedback and craft suggestions from fellow participants.

Traveling Show

Every summer, members perform their own work in venues all over the Bay Area. Visit our YouTube Channel to watch past episodes of the Virtual Traveling Show. Questions? Contact Ann or Judy at

Literary Partners

Literary partners sheltering in place together chat, read favorites from their work, and share their experiences.

Youth Ambassador

MPC’s Youth Ambassador program seeks to support arts leadership in future generations and commit to the future of poetry in the Bay Area.

Book Club

Read and discuss a book of poems with others who appreciate poetry and would like to take a closer look at form, structure, and craft.

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