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2022 High School Poetry Contest

We are excited to launch this year's High School Poetry Contest. At least 50 poems will be selected for the 2022 High School Poetry Anthology. Click here for submission guidelines, information about this year's judge, and prizes.

About the Poetry Contest

The Marin Poetry Center sponsors teen-related projects that celebrate the arts and through our High School Poetry Contest.

MPC’s contest provides students professional review, selection, and publishing via our High School Poetry Anthology. Also, students selected for the anthology are invited to read their work at our Gala Award Ceremony in the spring of 2020 and receive a free anthology copy. For many students, inclusion in our anthology is their first experience writing and/or publishing a poem.  In the process, students tap into a special part of themselves and learn the power of their unique voice. Thank you for supporting the MPC High School Poetry Contest.

A note from MPC High School Anthology Coordinators, Erin Rodini & Lauren Howard 

The Marin Poetry Center is thrilled to announce the winners and honorable mentions of the 2021 High School Anthology Contest! This year, we opened our contest to Bay Area counties beyond Marin. Despite the challenges of distanced learning and the general uncertainty of these times, we received over 800 poems from students at 9 High Schools. Semifinalists were selected by a panel of experienced poets and our final judge, Lake County Poet Laureate Georgina Marie Guardado, reviewed them anonymously.

All of our initial screeners commented on the outstanding quality of the poems this year, and Georgina wanted us to convey “how impressive all of the submissions for this contest were and how much talent, creativity, and craft these students have. I hope all of these students continue writing poetry. They have such moving, powerful, unique voices. I respect that the content ranged from racial injustice to climate change to love to memory and so much more.” Without further ado, here are Georgina’s selections:


st Place: Numbers – Odessa Goldberg, Tamalpais High School
nd Place: Communicating With My Body – Artemis Frederick, Tamalpais High School
rd  Place:  Yesterday’s Red Plaid Flannel –  Talia Harrison, Urban School

From Georgina: “Craft and individuality were key but also content and the risk of bold truth telling made me choose these three poems as the top contenders.”


For My Daughter – Shaleez Razavi, Marin Academy
13 Reasons Why I’m Not A Bubbly Perfect Girl –  Hayley Ballard, San Domenico
Sunday – Violet Monchick, Marin School of the Arts 
Ode to a Box Filled with Smaller Boxes – Adi Jolish, Urban School
Where I Am From – Dorian Grillet, Tamalpais High School
Quilt – Bodhi Dunkel Wilker, Tamalpais High School

From Georgina: “All of these submissions included important stories and wonderful writing. It was an honor to read them.”

56 additional poems have been selected for inclusion in the anthology, which launched at our Awards Ceremony and Reading on May 25, 2021. Order your copy here

Past High School Anthology Winners

2021 High School Anthology Winners

2020 High School Anthology Winners

Les Garçons Amoreaux

First Place: Les Garçons Amoreaux, by Cole Marrinson

November: New York

Second Place: November: New York, by Evelyn Bohn

32 Reasons Why I Love My Mom

Third Place: 32 Reasons Why I Love My Mom, by Sydney West

Something Whispered

Honorable Mention: Something Whispered, by Saoirse Staples


Honorable Mention: One, by Alexis Lanigan

All Connected

Honorable Mention: All Connected, by Dylan Marin

Bittersweet Symphony

Honorable Mention: Bittersweet Symphony, by Abigail Merciniak

How Capitalism Destroyed the Moon

Honorable Mention: How Capitalism Destroyed the Moon, by Jewel Guerra

2019 High School Anthology Winners

2018 High School Anthology Winners

We The Same Color

First Place: We The Same Color, by Rudy (Rudolfo) Perez-Diaz

Making Birch Paper with my Father

Second Place: Making Birch Paper with my Father, by Iona Normandi

I Love to Write Poetry

Third Place: I Love to Write Poetry, by Iona Normandi

2017 High School Anthology Winners


First Place: Memoir, by Benjamin Wall-Feng

Native Tongues

Second Place: Native Tongues, by Ashley Sanchez


Third Place: Dementia, by Lily Kun

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