Marin Poetry Center

We The Same Color

By Ruby (Rudolfo) Perez-Diaz

I’m black and you black too
not in skin tone but deep in your roots.
You believe you’re better than me,
but really I’m better than you.
I realize we’re all equal,
all men, women, and children too.

You could be white, so I’m white too,
you bleed the same color as I do.
Skin tone is nothing, that’s what got me bugged,
you see me and you’re quick to tuck your luggage.

I’m brown and you’re brown too,
we got the same frown on a bad day too,
you wanna fight me but I don’t wanna fight you
cuz if you lose I know what you’re gonna do,
come back with more or call the men in blue
and they see color, just like you do too.

I’m black and you black too
You white and me too
You brown with a frown
I’m brown with a frown just like you,
now where in the backwoods
can we get along, me and you?

First Place, Clyde Childress Award: Rudy (Rudolfo) Perez-Diaz
Loma Alta High School, 11th Grade

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