Marin Poetry Center

Les Garçons Amoreaux

By Cole Marrinson

Inspired by the painting “Bal du moulin de la Galette” by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

France, mon amour —
But not my only love —
I do ask of you

So many come paired off,
In skirts and trousers,
In bowler hats and corsets,
But not we

We the two in straw hats,
We the two with friends,
No eyes for any but each other,
Fleurs vers un soleil

What is the how,
How is the why,
Did you make us be?

Les garçons amoureux —
The name they pinned for us.

The two who were the same,
But fell in love.

Whatever the reason may be;
France, mon amour —
But not my only love —

Thank you for bringing him to me.

First Place: Cole Marrinson
The Marin School (Teacher: Philip van Eyck)

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