Marin Poetry Center

13 Reasons Why I'm Not a Bubbly Perfect Girl

By Hayley Ballard

Because I grew up playing with clay in the creek bed and not my mom’s high heels.
Because I picked up worms from the gutter with care.
Because I was secretly friends with that tween murdermystery-solving heroine.
Because eyeshadow is a lion, highlights are a mountain, the perfect outfit a chasm.
Because sometimes I snort when I laugh.
Because I can’t promise my hair isn’t a little knotted.
Because my eyes light up when I’m explaining Les Misérables characters.
Because while my feet pound the running trails, my beating heart soars.
Because it’s never enough for me and I’m full of corrections and cross-outs.
Because my domino never gracefully tips with the others.
Because I’m in a labyrinth when I want to go straight forward.
Because those figures around me seem to be made of smooth, untouchable stone.
Because maybe I don’t want to be.

Honorable Mention: Hayley Ballard
San Domenico School

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