Marin Poetry Center

I Love to Write Poetry

By Iona Normandi

I love to write poetry like a dog loves to go to the vet
I love to write poetry as much as teachers love telling the same kids
to be quiet
Over and over and over again

It’s like losing a basketball game in overtime
Like taking the SATs
Confusing, hard, and you just want it to be over with

Writing poetry is like when it’s really really cold outside
But you forgot a jacket

It’s as painless as a flu shot
As painless as cold ice cream on your gums
The equivalent to the smoke alarm going off at 2AM
on a Tuesday night

Writing poetry is as easy as doing a triple backflip
Three times in a row
As easy a beating Lionel Messi one on one in soccer
On a field covered in lava
With no shoes

Some people don’t like writing poetry
They think it’s difficult
As difficult as tying your shoes
As hard as washing your hands

But not me
I love writing poetry

Third Place: Iona Normandi
Sir Francis Drake High School, 10th Grade

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