Marin Poetry Center

paper dreams

By Vienne Voong

i am a single silver star
shining in the darkness,
a small hopeful light
drowning in black waters.

no one knows when i remember
the words that pound through my mind,
screaming like the wind
beside the Golden Gate Bridge.

i am a lonely lighthouse
overlooking the sea,
a thin sun-gold ray
searching for survivors.

for people like me.

am i the perfect porcelain doll
obedient daughter, sister, friend?
yarn head heavily bowed,
fragile body quietly still?

whatever i am,
i’ll be by your side
until the end.

i am a paper crane
strung in a child’s bedroom,
made of love and dreams.
a wind breezes through.


i am a wire sailboat
bobbing in a puddle.
abandoned, battered,

i will float.

i am wildflowers in the sun,
laughter on the wind,
because i am alive.

and i am grateful.

Honorable Mention: Vienne Voong
Lowell High School

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