Marin Poetry Center


By Violet Monchick

Can I come over this Sunday?

I’m so cold.
My house is too big
& my hands too small.

I took a bath today,
it drained as soon as I sat down.
Can I use your bathtub?

Remember that one time I made tea for you?
My hair was lighter,
before it started breaking off.

I’m sorry I can’t come over tomorrow.

I like daylight savings.
I like when I can’t tell the time.
I like falling asleep to the rain.

Can you come over?
It’s ok if you’ve found better plans.
I know I’m not fun anymore.

Could you just spare today?
Just sit next to me,
we don’t have to speak.

Honorable Mention: Violet Monchick
Marin School of the Arts

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