Marin Poetry Center

Thanks for the EIGHT BUCKS, Grandpa 

By Anita Luo

多謝 for the eight bucks, 公公
On the sailing ship with my twelve-inch jet black queue
Can’t let the Americans cut it off
As it is proof
That I am loyal to the 清代
And won’t leave my family cobalt blue
But aren’t I already miserable
My good 朋友 died exploding a tunnel
Building the Transcontinental Railroad
Still my goal’s ingrained into my mind
Memories full of muscle
And there’s no turning back
I’ll build this 该死的 railroad
All the while cracking my knuckles
多謝 for the eight bucks, 公公

清代: Qing Dynasty
朋友: friend
该死的: damn
多謝: thanks
公公: grandpa

Honorable Mention: Anita Luo
Lowell High School

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