Marin Poetry Center

Where I'm From

By Dorian Grillet

I am from Bambi, Clue, and Brunch
I’m from the trampoline on the porch
The Beast Quests and Geronimo Stilton’s
The cakes and soups
And the Instant Ramen too
I am from Paradise City, with its joy
To the birth of my Ideals
I am from the memories I’ve lost
And the joy I’ve gained
I am from my bed
With its high white walls
That I love to climb over
I am from rivalry with my peers
I am from people
With their arms outstretched
With knives behind their backs
I am from ‘Speed up!’ and ‘Slow down!
The encouragers and haters
From my parents’ French accent
To my upbringing in Hong Kong
I am from the pictures on the wall
To the ones in the box
I am from the snow cold and embracing
I am from my feet, pounding against the ground
I am from the internet
And its hours of joy and excitement
I am from the bliss of skiing high speed
And from playing tag with my friends
I am from sweet moments at the table
To sweet treats that bring me joy
I am from brown hair and green eyes
And my hamster’s graves
From Black Eyed Peas
To Lady Gaga
From the TV on the desk, days of my life
To the earbuds around my neck, private to me From that one branch
From my brother and sister Of the tree we all flutter off
From my parents’ love As leaves

Honorable Mention: Dorian Grillet
Tamalpais High School

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