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Maxine Flasher-Düzgüneş

In 2022, MPC supported Youth Poet Liaison, Maxine Flasher-Düzgüneş, with her new choreographic film scene r-eco-ver, which made its premiere at World Stage Design in Calgary, Canada. Framed as a “love letter to California,” the film asks how we juggle the eco-scenographic paradox of existing in an age of deforestation, combustion, and erosion that longs for renewal and relief. To learn more about the project, visit:
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Over its 40+ years, Marin Poetry Center has supported the longevity of local bookstores, art centers, and literary organizations through event partnerships and collaborations. This past year, MPC began a commitment to support the independent endeavors of poets and artists through fiscal sponsorships, where their projects could operate under the umbrella of a non-profit organization.

What does a fiscal sponsorship include?

  • MPC receives tax-deductible donations on behalf of your project and then distributes those funds to your project (this can especially be helpful when applying for artist grants that require the sponsorship of a non-profit organization)
  • MPC supports your project through website, email, and social media marketing 
  • MPC can offer a partnership/collaboration with your project through a local or online event 

Need Support?

Please fill out this interest form with your project to help MPC better understand how to support you! 

More information on the fiscal sponsorship agreement can be viewed here

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